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Choosing Unity

If unity is truly what we all seek, we need to face the reality that unity is not possible when you advocate for policy and politicians who want to exclude people from society as conservatism has done for the past 500 years. Unity is only possible when you’re able to recognize that this country belongs to all of us and that we’re in this together. Unity requires inclusion. Conservatism has always been about exclusion. And while a lot of folks on the right may claim to want unity and peace, supporting a politician who bans transgender people from serving in the armed forces, advocates for a criminal justice system that disproportionately imprisons black people, or denies health care to those who cannot afford it are all things that are contrary to the idea that we’re in this together. Each of those things, along with every single partisan conservative policy that exists today, serves to benefit straight, rich, white men, at the expense of every other person who does not fit into that demographic. In short: Conservatism is, and always has been, the primary vehicle for white supremacy.

You can be a conservative, or you can be someone who truly wants unity and equality for all. But, you can’t be both. It’s as much of a contradiction now as it was when the founding fathers said “All men are created equal”, yet owned some of those men as property. Unity requires actually living by those words and acting on them. Not just in your day to day life, but also in who you support politically, financially, and socially. You can treat people as equals on the street, but if you support politicians who make those same people’s lives harder, how much unity are you really promoting?

Unity requires empathy and a genuine concern for people who do not love, look or worship like you. It requires your support of others who seek to unite people politically and socially. It requires showing up to vote in every election possible to make your voice heard. It requires holding people and politicians on the left accountable for their actions. But most importantly, it requires an outright rejection of conservatism. Please unite with us in taking the first steps toward a truly United States of America


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