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Conservatism and unity cannot coexist. Choose Unity.

When the U.S. Constitution was written, women, LGBTs, minorities, and the poor had either limited or no rights. And each time any of those groups pushed for equal rights, conservatives were there to push back in an effort to preserve inequality. Conservatism is, and always has been contrary to a truly united country of equal opportunity. Take a quick tour through our nation's history to see how.

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The abolition of slavery was widely opposed by southern conservative Democrats. It would be these same southern conservatives who would later secede from the Union and start the American Civil War.


Ku Klux Klan

The Ku Klux Klan was founded by six conservative former members of the Confederate army. Today, the KKK is still a right-wing extremist group that came out in support of Donald Trump during his campaign and into his presidency.

Women's Suffrage

Fearing that giving women the right to vote would interfere with raising children and taking care of the home, conservatives, both men and women, opposed women's suffrage and often touted women voting as "unnecessary."

Worker's Rights

Labor unions, Social Security, Medicare, minimum wage, a 40-hour work week, an 8-hour work day, and child labor laws (all designed to protect American workers) were all broadly opposed by conservatives who were more concerned with protecting big business than the rights of American workers.

NY Times | Business Insider

Affirmative Action

In an attempt to correct the inequality brought on by centuries of slavery and segregation, President John F. Kennedy issued an Executive Order for affirmative action on equal opportunity. It was, and still is, opposed by a majority of conservatives. | Gallup

Civil Rights Act

Southern conservatives would serve as the primary opposition to the Civil Rights Movement. Congressmen from the former Confederate states, both Republican and Democrat, overwhelmingly (93%) voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The Guardian

Jim Crow Segregation

Jim Crow laws that maintained racial segregation in former Confederate states were enacted and maintained by southern conservatives. George Wallace, a prominent southern Dixiecrat and Governor of Alabama, famously advocated "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever" in 1963.

Wall Street Journal

Interracial Marriage

Anti-miscegination laws were prominent in the conservative former Confederate states. Even after it was ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Loving v. Virginia case, Alabama maintained a state law against interracial marriage until 2000.

Dangerous Liaisons: Sex and Love in the Segregated South | Public Policy Polling

War on Drugs

Richard Nixon's War on Drugs has maintained steady support by conservatives since its inception. It has resulted in an explosion in mass incarceration that disproportionately affects blacks and Latinos, while having no effect on our nation's drug issues.


Climate Change

Despite 97% of climate scientists insisting that climate change is real and caused by human actions, conservatives broadly deny its existence and many have dismissed it as a hoax.

NY Mag | Pew Research Center

Corporate Regulation

Corporate greed and fraud have been at the root of recessions going all the way back to the Great Depression. It is the connection to big business that sees conservatives continue to oppose regulations on corporations and banks.

The Guardian | Salon

Marijuana Legalization

Despite growing national support for marijuana legalization, conservatives still stand in the way as the primary opposition to a national legalization effort.

The Atlantic

Black Lives Matter

Conservatives have served as the primary opposition to the Black Lives Matter Movement and consistently hailed the push for criminal justice reform and police accountability as destructive and "anti-police".

NBC News

LGBT Rights

From marriage equality to the general protection of the LGBT community, conservatives have consistently stood in opposition to LGBT equal rights.

Washington Post

Donald Trump

81% of conservatives voted to elect Donald Trump as President of the United States. He has been praised by white supremacists and has targeted minorities, women, LGBTs, and the disabled from the start of his campaign and into his presidency.



Despite a report from the Congressional Budget Office estimating that 32 million people would lose their health insurance if Obamacare was repealed, 94% of Senate Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare.

CNBC | NY Times

Domestic Terrorism

In the 16 years since 9/11, right-wing extremists have accounted for 73% of all domestic terrorism incidents, and have been responsible for 47% of all deaths.

If unity is truly what we all seek, we need to face the reality that unity is not possible when you advocate for policy and politicians who want to exclude people from society as conservatism has done for the past 500 years. Unity is only possible when you’re able to recognize that this country belongs to all of us and that we’re in this together. Unity requires inclusion. Conservatism has always been about exclusion. And while a lot of folks on the right may claim to want unity and peace, supporting a politician who bans transgender people from serving in the armed forces, advocates for a criminal justice system that disproportionately imprisons black people, or denies health care to those who cannot afford it are all things that are contrary to the idea that we’re in this together. Each of those things, along with every single partisan conservative policy that exists today, serves to benefit straight, rich, white men, at the expense of every other person who does not fit into that demographic. In short: Conservatism is, and always has been, the primary vehicle for white supremacy.

You can be a conservative, or you can be someone who truly wants unity and equality for all. But, you can’t be both. It’s as much of a contradiction now as it was when the founding fathers said “All men are created equal”, yet owned some of those men as property. Unity requires actually living by those words and acting on them. Not just in your day to day life, but also in who you support politically, financially, and socially. You can treat people as equals on the street, but if you support politicians who make those same people’s lives harder, how much unity are you really promoting?

Unity requires empathy and a genuine concern for people who do not love, look or worship like you. It requires your support of others who seek to unite people politically and socially. It requires showing up to vote in every election possible to make your voice heard. It requires holding people and politicians on the left accountable for their actions. But most importantly, it requires an outright rejection of conservatism. Please unite with us in taking the first steps toward a truly United States of America